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Igah, Ventures.
Seed the Future.
Seed the Future.
Who we are
Igah Ventures is a Brazilian venture capital firm that was born from the union of forces of two successful investment platforms (e.bricks ventures and Joa Investimentos). We have a unique and complementary team of partners and an extremely qualified and experienced team.
Igah means seed in the language Paiter Suruis. The paiter-surui language, which belongs to the Tupi language group, is spoken by the Suruís, a Brazilian indigenous group from the states of Rondônia and Mato Grosso. They call themselves paiter, which means "real people, ourselves".
We act to generate value to invested companies, provide significant returns to investors, foster innovation, encourage entrepreneurship and thereby contribute to transforming Brazil.
We believe bold entrepreneurs make a difference and we want to engage our full spectrum of resources behind a supportive ecosystem to help them thrive.
We are committed to:
— Support bold entrepreneurs that will transform their markets.
— Provide entrepreneurs with an actionable network to boost their growth trajectory.
— Maintain a long-term view to build sustainable and profitable businesses.
Our portfolio
Investment date:
August 2013
4Vets created Integravet, an online sales channel that provides everything a petshop, vet clinic and autonomous veterinary doctors need to serve their clients and replenish their stores. Integravet combines a B2B e-commerce platform integrated to the existing systems, with marketing services, in a mobile-friendly environment.
Bernardo Arrospide
Kevin Ardilla
3,2,1 Beauty
Investment date:
March 2020
3,2,1 Beauty is a corporate wellness company that provides convenient and affordable beauty and wellness services at workplaces.
Cecilia Ribeiro
Acesso Digital
Investment date:
January 2020
Acesso Digital is an IDTech that believes in creating a digital society, with more security for transactions and facilities for people daily lives, through digital identity. Its current portfolio includes biometric facial recognition, digital admission and electronic signature solutions. The company is a reference in the digital identity market and has clients in the bank, retail, e-commerce, fintech and telecom segments in Brazil.
Diego Martins
Paulo Alencastro
Rui Jordão (in memorian)
Alicerce Educação
Investment date:
February 2019
Alicerce Educação is a school reinforcement program that aims to reduce basic education inequality among children and youngsters in peripheries. The company has excellent facilities and a highly qualified teaching team to pursue their mission of transforming the current Brazilian education scenario. With affordable prices, strategic located hubs and extra-class functioning hours, Alicerce is also a solution for parents who need to leave their children while they are working.
Paulo Batista
Investment date:
September 2018
Ambar is the largest ConstruTech company in LatAm, providing homebuilders with products, services and technology solutions that reduce construction costs and increase efficiency of housing projects. Ambar’s offerings embrace two key areas: industrial solutions and digitalization of construction projects.
Bruno Balbinot
Ian Fadel
Investment date:
July 2018
Arquivei is a SaaS platform that helps a company's backoffice teams when it comes to management and automation of e-invoicing in Brazil, protecting the companies from non-compliance penalties and giving back time for people to dedicate themselves for what really matters.

Arquivei fetches, stores in the cloud, manages all the e-invoices in real time and makes the necessary information available for both people and systems.
Christian de Cico
Bruno Oliveira
Isis Abbud
Vitor de Araújo
Avenue Securities
Investment date:
February 2020
Avenue securities is an American broker dealer founded by Brazilians. Its mission is to democratize LatAm investors’ access to the largest financial market in the world, the United States. Avenue facilitates trading of stocks, ETFs and REITs listed on NASDAQ and NYSE, providing integration with foreign exchange services and quick transfers through its exclusive platform.
Roberto Lee
Henry Conceição
Hsu Chun
Fabiana Pileggi
Investment date:
December 2018
Bcredi is Brazil’s leading end-to-end platform for real estate-backed credit products. Besides offering a 100% online and user friendly process, through a proprietary white-label credit solution (“credit-as-a-service”), connects and monetizes partner’s relationship with their own clients.
Maria Teresa Fornea
Investment date:
February 2017
bxblue is an online payroll lending marketplace fully integrated with banks that allows public sector workers and pensioners to compare rates and get credit approval in minutes.
Gustavo Gorenstein
Fabricio Buzeto
Roberto Braga
Canal da Peça
Investment date:
August 2013
Canal da Peça facilitates the auto parts sales in the aftermarket, by aligning the chain of manufacturers, wholesalers and merchants to the digital world.
Fernando Cymrot
Vinícius Dias
Conexa Saúde
Investment date:
February 2020
Largest independent telemedicine provider in Brazil with over 80 corporate clients and 4 million lives covered. Conexa’s technology and solutions have been validated by references in the Brazilian healthcare space, including Grupo Notre Dame Intermédica, Omint, Hospital Alemão Osvaldo Cruz, Hospital Infantil Sabará and AC Camargo Cancer Center.
Fernando Domingues
Guilherme Weigert
Investment date:
October 2016
Contabilizei is the largest accounting firm in Brazil, combining a solid team of professionals with efficient software to save small and micro businesses’ time and money. The company seeks to democratize the access to accounting services so that micro and small businesses owners can comply with tax filings requirements using a simple and efficient accounting service.
Fabio Bacarin
Vitor Torres
Investment date:
October 2020
Dr Jones is a grooming startup that sells shaving equipment and men’s personal care products directly to its consumers via its website.
Guilherme Campos
Andre Popoutchi
Investment date:
February 2018
Finpass is an online marketplace that connects middle-market companies with hundreds of banks and other institutional lenders, strengthening the access to and reducing the cost of credit.
Dan Cohen
Investment date:
May 2018
Greenpeople is a cold-pressed juice brand whose mission is to deliver health and well-being through highly nutritious and tasty foods, in the most practical and sustainable possible way. The company is the only in Brazil to use HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology in its juices production, which preserves the maximum of nutrients without using chemicals or high temperatures up to 70 days. Greenpeople also uses unused inputs from the juices production to offer snacks, reinforcing the minimum-waste mentality.
Bianca Laufer
Investment date:
February 2014
Guiabolso is a totally automated solution for personal finance management that helps users to understand, plan and improve control of their personal finances, while helping them choose better financial products from a curated selection of partners.
Ben Gleason
Thiago Alvarez
Investment date:
December 2019
Hashdex is an asset manager focused on the crypto market. Founded in 2018, the company’s mission is to link the financial market to the crypto universe in a simple, safe and regulated way. The company created the HDAI (Hashdex Digital Assets Index), an indicator similar to Ibovespa (BR) and S&P 500 (US) for the cryptocurrency market, and currently has three funds with different exposure levels in this asset class.
Marcelo Sampaio
Bruno Caratori
Investment date:
March 2014
Infracommerce is specialized in value connections between brands and people. The Company offers end-to-end e-commerce services with the modular concept, gathering platform, marketing, content, payment, logistics, customer service and business intelligence in three central core competencies: Omnichannel Technology, Marketing & Sales and Operations. Founded in Brazil, currently has operations in some of the major Latin American countries and more than 1,000 professionals. Reference in Full Service, B2C and B2B projects and is responsible for e-commerce of companies such as Ambev, Armani Exchange, Nike, Motorola, Mondelez and Unilever.
Kai Schoppen
Emmanuel Guinet
Ricardo de Paola
Paulo Martins
Investment date:
March 2014
Ingresse is the leading tech platform for events in Brazil. Through a proprietary API set, the company provides a delightful experience for its users and comprehensive behavioral data for event organizers through management tools, allowing producers to sell more tickets and retain their audience for longer periods of time.
Marcelo Henrique
Gabriel Benarrós
Investment date:
June 2019
JusBrasil is a lawtech whose mission is to connect people to justice through lawyers and legal information. The company has state-of-the-art technology that selects and makes accessible the main events and informations in the legal environment, making them available on its website completely free of charge.

Also has a feature that connects lawyers all over from Brazil to people in need for legal services, easing access to quality information and granting protection of their rights.
Rafael Costa
Investment date:
October 2019
Labi Exames is employing digital technologies to make lab services affordable to the 160 million Brazilians without health insurance.
Marcelo Noll Barboza
Octavio Fernandes
Daniella Sasson
Liber Capital
Investment date:
October 2017
Liber Capital is a platform that enables reverse factoring to be executed in a simple, safe and fast way for suppliers of large and mid-size enterprises.
Eduardo Donadi Neto
Victor Stabile
Investment date:
February 2015
MeSalva! is an educational platform focused on high performance learning for high school students.
Miguel Andorffy
Pet Care
Investment date:
April 2015
Pet Care is a chain of veterinary hospitals whose mission is to offer excellence in medicine care for dogs and cats, focusing on highly complex cases. It offers services such as telemedicine, stem cell laboratory, laboratorial and diagnose centers, among others. In 2012 the company started its expansion project in São Paulo city, having today 4 hospitals in the capital, besides the only Radiotherapy Center in South America, for cancer treatment. In 2018 the company partnered with VCA Inc., the largest veterinary services provider in US and Canada, as a way to scale its services with quality and excellence.
Carla Alice Berl
Investment date:
August 2015
Pic-Me is a healthy food brand whose mission is to transform the Brazilians eating habits through practical, delicious and 100% natural foods. Pic-Me snacks follow a Clean Label concept, which, among other pillars, ensures the foods does not have sugar addition, food coloring or any other artificial ingredient. In 2015 the company innovated by launching the Fruit Puree line in pouch-format, providing more convenience to fruit consumption and helping the 90% of Brazilians who do not consume fruits and vegetables as they should.
Thiago Burgers
Investment date:
March 2013
Prontmed is an electronic health records platform focused on the medical practice. Customized to each speciality, the patient´s record helps and facilitates the physicians activities.
Lasse Koivisto
Wang Sen Feng
Investment date:
March 2011
Reserva is an apparel retailer brand born in Rio de Janeiro in 2004. The group also has the brands Eva, Oficina and Ahlma, with over 70 stores across Brazil, among franchises and own stores, besides presence in more than 1,400 multibrands across the country.
Rony Meisler
Fernando Sigal
Rock Content
Investment date:
September 2012
What started as a back-of-the-napkin business idea in 2013 would become the largest content marketing solution and service provider in Latin America. With the acquisition of ScribbleLive, Rock Content is now a global enterprise with over 500 employees, six offices, and 2,000 customers.
Vitor Peçanha
Edmar Ferreira
Diego Gomes
Investment date:
December 2017
S4 is an innovative argentine startup offering satellite-based, cost efficient parametric coverage (equivalent to crop insurance) and crop monitoring solutions for grains, focused on Argentina and Brazil.
Santiago Venzano
Mariano Tamburrino
Diego Steverlynck
Investment date:
March 2018
Sanar is a health startup acting 100% online to help students from the medical area, aiming to be the first company to be present in the whole journey of medical doctors and other health professionals. The health stat up has the mission to offer all the tools medical doctors need to become super doctors and has products for each moment of the medical journey, since university to specialization. Today, the start up has clients in over 5K Brazilian cities and 7 other countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Portugal.
Ubiraci Mercês
Maurício Lima 
Leandro Lima 
Caio Nunes
Investment date:
February 2011
Tembici is the largest bike-sharing company in Latin America and aims to increase the use of this modal in urban areas. Stands out by using dock stations, that guarantee availability and higher quality at affordable prices to bike users. Present in 15 Brazilian cities, and countries as Chile and Argentina, the company already made over 30 million trips.
Tomás Martins
Mauricio Villar
Investment date:
August 2019
Trybe is a software development school that is fully committed to the success of its students, who only pay when they land a high paying job.
Matheus Goyas
João Daniel Duarte
Claudio Lensing
Rafael Torres
Marcos Paulo Moura
Investment date:
March 2018
Vérios is the largest robo-advisor platform in Brazil, providing individual, cost-competitive financial advice for thousands of retail and mass affluent clients.
Felipe Sotto-Maior
Selected Exits
App Prova
Investment date:
January 2015
AppProva enhances learning performance by providing students with mobile apps and tools to help them to practice and study anywhere, anytime. AppProva helps teachers to optimize their routines with practice, testing and correction tools, helping them to save more time for class practice. School and network managers can then use reports on students, teachers and school performance to understand and plan corrective and improvement action plans. AppProva was acquired by Somos Educação in March, 2017.
Jorge Cascardo
Rafael Torres
João Daniel Duarte
Bruno Fonseca
João Gallo
Fernanda Moraes
Matheus Goyás
Rafael Luiz Santos
Investment date:
August 2013
eÓtica is the largest online optical store in Brazil, providing both glasses and contact lenses. eÓtica sells famous brands and private brands at competitive prices. eÓtica was acquired by Essilor.
Eduardo Baek
Bruno Ballardie
ERP Flex
Investment date:
August 2015
ERPFlex offers a robust cloud-ERP solution targeted at SMB companies, with a complete set of features (both for backoffice and operations) while being very flexible and open to customization.
Ernesto Haberkorn
Gustavo Beserra
Investment date:
March 2011
Peixe Urbano is the largest Brazilian local e-commerce platform. With more than 30 million registered users and thousands of offers of gastronomy, entertainment and products, its mission is to connect people to services with the best cost-benefit ratio. Founded in 2010, Peixe Urbano pioneered the collective purchasing model in Latin America.
Julio Vasconcellos
Porta dos
Investment date:
July 2012
Porta dos Fundos is a humorous content producer created in 2012, being the largest Youtube channel in Brazil between 2013 and 2016, besides starring films and TV shows. In 2017 the company was acquired by US media conglomerate ViacomCBS.
Antonio Tabet
Fábio Porchat
Gregório Duviver
João Vicente de Castro
Who’s Behind
Pedro Sirotsky Melzer
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Pedro has more than 10 years of experience in Venture Capital, initiating in 2010 as founder and managing partner of Warehouse Investimentos, a VC firm. Before that, Pedro worked at Apple Online Store based in Cupertino (US) for three years as World Wide Revenue Manager and early in his career, was an entrepreneur in the retail segment in Brazil. Pedro holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management.
Marcio Trigueiro
Managing Partner
Marcio has more than twenty years of consulting, investment and operational experience. After concluding his MBA, Marcio joined GP Investments in which he spent a total of 15 years leading investments and participating in boards in several companies. In 2011, he moved towards an operating role after leading the acquisition of Sascar, a cloud-based SaaS fleet management player, where his leadership was instrumental for the Company's growth that after three years led towards a strategic sale for more than US$700 million. Marcio was also the CEO of PDG.

He holds a B.S. in Mechanical-Aeronautical Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica and an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Luis Felipe Magon
Managing Partner
Magon has more than 15 years of investing experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital. After completing his master’s degree, Magon joined Banco Pactual, engaging on several IPOs in the retail and consumer goods sectors. In 2011 he joined the Private Equity area of Vinci Partners, acting on prospecting and monitoring the portfolio companies. In 2016 he joined Joa Investimentos as partner and CEO, leading investments and acting as a board member on several companies. Magon has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from PUC-Rio, a master’s degree in Math from IMPA, CFA and is a YPO member.
Thiago Maluf
Managing Director
Thiago has more than 14 years of experience as a Venture Capital and  Private Equity manager. Since joining Igah Ventures in 2017, Thiago has been responsible for closing several investments and serving as a board member to portfolio companies including Conexa, Infracommerce and Ambar. Having previously worked at TPG Capital, TPG Growth, Kinea Investimentos e AIG Investments in Brazil, he participated in the sourcing, execution, monitoring and divestment of several investments by those firms. Thiago is a Kauffman Fellow, holds an MBA with Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, with concentrations in finance, economics and entrepreneurship, and holds a B.B.A. from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-EAESP) in São Paulo, Brazil
Dennis Wang
Managing Director
Dennis was Nubank’s VP of Operations from 2017 to 2020. Prior to Nubank, he was co-CEO of Easy Taxi for 5 years, directly contributing to the transformation of the Brazilian startup into a global company. Before entering the world of technology, Dennis built his career in the financial market, working in investment banking, private equity funds and asset management for more than eight years. He has worked at Merrill Lynch in São Paulo, BNP Paribas in London and ABN AMRO in Amsterdam. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV).
Camila Sangali
General Partner
Camila joined Igah Ventures in 2018 and has 4 years of investment experience (Private Equity and Venture Capital). Prior to Igah, Camila spent 6 years as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley and Olimpia Partners, and 2 years as a private equity manager at AIG and Equity Int'l. Camila also worked at Somos Educação, the largest K12 education company in Brazil, where she was responsible for the acquisition and integration of EdTech start-ups. Camila holds a B.B.A. from FGV-EAESP and an MBA with high honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
José Maria Gadanha
Operating Partner
Gadanha was the founder of Open Concept, the leader in software solution and processes development for financial institutions and bureaus. After the acquisition by TIVIT, Gadanha acted as COO for 5 years and is currently board member. Since 2012, Gadanha has worked as a consultant, advisor and board member of companies in the financial service and technology industries with focus in corporate development and M&A. Gadanha is an engineer from FEI and holds post-baccalaureate in Business from FGV.
Rafael Castro
CFO & Compliance
Rafael has more than 10 years of experience within the finance industry, mostly in Controllership and Financial Planning areas of PE/VC backed firms. Having previously worked at companies such as TAM, PDG and Pet Care before he joined Tembici, where he led Treasury and FP&A areas. Also, supported the internationalization process of the company, as Finance Director LatAm, responsible for the corporate structure in Chile and Argentina. In 2019 he joined Joa Investimentos, acting on investment analysis and internal procedures implementation. Rafael holds a B.B.A. from Mackenzie-SP.
Daniel Garcia
Daniel has joined Igah Ventures in 2019. Prior to that, he worked in investment banking at Citi and Bradesco BBI, participating in the origination and execution of multiple M&A and equity capital markets transactions. Daniel holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from FGV-EAESP.
Mateus Poleselli
Mateus has joined Igah Ventures in 2019. Prior to that, he worked in Investment Banking at Citi, participating in the execution of several M&A and ECM transactions, and in Private Equity at BR Partners, executing middle-market transactions in different sectors. Mateus holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from FEA-USP.
Alexander Guimarães
Alexander joined Igah Ventures in 2020 and has 2 years of investment experience in Private Equity. Prior to Igah, Alexander worked at the Private Equity of Patria Investimentos, acting on prospection and execution of new investment thesis. Alexander started his career in investment banking, having more than 5 years of experience executing M&A transactions in different sectors. Alexander holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from Insper.
Allan Hofstra
Allan has joined Igah Ventures in 2017, participating in the analysis and monitoring of investments across different sectors. Allan holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from PUC-Rio.
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Avenue, Acesso Digital and Conexa Saúde negotiate investment rounds of more than R$100 million each (Portuguese)
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Acesso Digital receives a R$40 million investment from e.Bricks (Portuguese)
He resigned from Apple to invest in startups in Brazil (Portuguese)
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